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International Programs
EEI's International Program links the U.S. electricity sector with its international counterparts delivering valuable and critical information that is used to help make crucial decisions.

More than 70 companies with operations in over 40 countries are active International Members of EEI. They utilize EEI membership as a powerful management tool to have immediate and wide access to capital markets, state-of-the-art analyses, reports, studies and “lessons-learned” generated by EEI and its U.S. members.

Knowledge Transfer

EEI is the only source that can provide an insider’s analysis of the industry’s operations and regulation.  This critical information is shared with our International Members through;
  • One-on-one interaction between international utilities, their US counterparts and EEI experts;
  • “Members-only” web tools and work rooms, updated daily with the latest industry developments.
  • EEI conferences and workshops that combine emerging business thinking with real-world experiences;
  • Issue-specific webinars designed to share critical member questions with EEI experts and our U.S. members
  • Structured one-on-one on-site meetings

Why Belong?

Our industry is rapidly changing. Huge investments are required by all companies around the world.  How and where companies make these investments will determine their health and prosperity.  Within the next 20 years our systems will be essentially rebuilt and our operating practices changed dramatically.
International Membership in EEI allows our members to stay abreast of these changes and learn from the best practices of industry leaders.