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Duke Energy: Helping Customers Protect the Environment, Reduce Energy Use
Duke Energy, a leading energy company based in Charlotte, NC, is enabling its customers to protect the environment and lower their energy use through a number of innovative efforts and programs.

Duke Energy has several programs to support the awareness and development of renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biomass. They have donated solar panels to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Education Center, Cincinnati Park Board and to schools in their service territory to increase awareness of solar energy. They have also built a wind turbine demonstration project at a highway rest area on Indiana’s Interstate 65. In addition to these programs and efforts, Duke Energy recently acquired Tierra Energy, a wind development company in Texas, and contracted to purchase 100 megawatts of wind energy from an Orion Energy wind farm in Indiana.

Duke Energy customers in Ohio and Indiana are now able to support renewable generating resources by participating in the company's "GoGreen Power" program. They can buy a minimum of 200 kilowatt-hours for $5.00 a month and purchase additional 100 kilowatt-hour blocks for $2.50 per month. Duke Energy uses the money to obtain energy from renewable energy sources in our service territory, or purchases renewable energy certificates from third parties.

Duke Energy’s North Carolina customers can participate in the state’s non-profit NC Greenpower program. NC Greenpower was the first program in the nation that is supported by all electric utilities in the state. Customers participate in the program through their power bills.  NC Greenpower uses the money to support renewable energy sources in the state.