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Reach the People in Power

U.S. shareholder-owned electric companies represent one of the world's largest industries. The executives who lead these companies depend on Electric Perspectives to provide them with a top-down view of the critical issues and trends affecting their business. Published bimonthly by Edison Electric Institute, Electric Perspectives gives its 15,000 subscribers perspective on their industry that's unavailable anywhere else.
Independent research confirms why the most powerful people in the power industry read Electric Perspectives more than any other trade magazine: it provides them with the strategic insight they need.
  • BY A MARGIN OF 8 TO 1, readers prefer Electric Perspectives over eight other industry publications as the best source for analysis of the marketing issues critical to them.
  • BY MORE THAN 3 TO 1, readers rank the magazine best for interpretation of relevant legislative and regulatory matters and for information on general management issues.
This compelling content, along with annual-report quality design and production, guarantees advertisers a bimonthly appointment with the top decisionmakers in the power industry. There is no more efficient way to reach them with your capabilities message or to promote your products and services:
  • 66 percent of readers say they are more likely to read or notice advertisements in Electric Perspectives than in other magazines.
  • 83 percent report that they have purchasing responsibility in one or more areas of their company. 
Electric Perspectives delivers your message to these qualified prospects with each and every issue. Plus, the magazine's bonus distribution program and online opportunities allow you to target thousands of additional industry insiders by their particular area of expertise at dozens of top-level utility meetings throughout the year.