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CVPS: Expanding Renewable Energy Projects

Following up on the success of its Cow Power program, which uses methane from cow manure to generate electricity, Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) is now spending nearly $500,000 to explore the potential of a variety of other renewable energy sources.

Proposed Projects

  • Solar Demonstration Project: Includes installation of a 50-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array comprising about 275, 3x5 foot solar panels. The project will include a renewable education program where students can learn about two renewable projects at one site.
  • Manure Fuel Pelletization Study: This study will report on the feasibility of using pelletized manure fibers as a fuel supply in a cogeneration system to produce renewable electricity, as well as using waste heat to dry manure fibers for the pelletizing operation.
  • Weed Transportation/Digester Study: CVPS will provide funding to examine the energy value of using lake weeds as a renewable energy crop.
  • Workforce Renewables Training: An educational partnership with local and state technical education facilities will expand their electrical curriculum to include renewable installations in a way that it can be replicated by other tech centers. The underlying goal is to teach renewable energy installation techniques to the next generation of project installers.
  • Renewable Energy Education Support: This grant to the Vermont Energy in Education Program (VEEP) will help create a deeper understanding of what energy is and how to use it wisely. VEEP programs will teach math and science process skills to enable students to understand energy production and the efficient use of resources.
  • Vermont Solar and Small Wind Incentive Program: CVPS has contributed to this program annually for several years.  The funds support the installation of new, small-scale renewable energy systems. With this round of support, CVPS contributions total nearly $900,000.
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