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Bonus Distribution
Extra! Extra!
In addition to its regular circulation among the industry's most influential decisionmakers, Electric Perspectives has an extensive Bonus Distribution program that reaches thousands of industry insiders at dozens of industry meetings every year, including:
  • EEI Annual Convention and Expo
    EEI's premier meeting of the year attracts virtually all senior officers of U.S. shareholder-owned electric utilities, as well as management teams from the largest foreign electric companies. Attendance averages more than 2,000 attendees, as the most powerful leaders in the power industry come together to make alliances and size up the competition.
  • EEI Annual U.S. Financial Conference
    CEOs, CFOs, and other senior shareholder-relations executives from shareholder-owned electric utilities gather to meet with the Wall Street community they depend on, security analysts, investment bankers, and ratings agencies. With more than 1,000 attendees, no other meeting offers firms selling financial products and services or management consulting services the quality or the quantity of prospective customers that this meeting does.
  • EEI Annual International Financial Conference
    Building on the decades of success behind the annual U.S. conference, the International Financial Conference is held in London every year, a reflection of the growing globilization of the electric utility industry and the world's security exchanges. The meeting attracts hundreds of members of the international financial community and electric utility executives from around the globe.
  • EEI/AGA Annual Information Technology Conference
    More than 700 IT professionals in the energy industry meet to keep pace with the exploding utility IT market. Executive tracks target CIOs from both electric and gas utilities, and breakout sessions address the strategic IT issues and trends that affect all levels of IT management. Sponsored by EEI and the American Gas Association.
  • Annual AMRA Symposiom
    The leading conference for advance metering, billing, and communications technologies attracts nearly 1,500 AMR specialists from across North America. For specialized consultants and vendors in this field, the distribution of your message at this meeting provides an unparalled opportunity to reach qualified prospects.
  • Plus, meetings focusing on...
    Customer service, distribution systems, marketing research, energy supply and the environment, human resource management, transmission pricing, and more.
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